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Auditorium Seating & Theatre Fixed Systems

Audience Fixed Seating for Auditoria, Theatres, TV Studios, Performing Arts Centres, Conference Centres & Cinemas

Our elegant and highly engineered Auditorium Seating & Theatre Fixed Systems is perfect for your performance venue no matter the size or scale. As an auditorium seating manufacturer, we follow the whole process from inception to completion beginning with the design phase all to manufacturing and installation in your place of business. Our goal is to provide an aesthetically pleasing structure for your venue while also allowing visitors to enjoy films, shows, and performances in the most comfortable setting. Our seating is built for your requirements whether you have flat or tiered floors or existing structures, we aim for contemporary and comprehensive seating plans for your venue.


Types of Auditorium Seating we offer are:

Auditorium & Theatre seating is one of the most vital aspects of performance venues appeal with many patrons experience defined by their seating arrangement. From an uncomfortable chair to poor visibility to even an off-designed drinks cup! You don’t want to fall behind the competition by ruining your show just from negative seating reviews. This is why SIS Global Seating encourages you to make the correct choice and choose us to provide an all-around excellent seating system for your business. You’ll receive long-term peace of mind from first deciding to install a grand auditorium seating structure from us and then you’ll be amazed by our customisable and extensive designs, fabrics and finishes you can add to your product.


What are the benefits of having an Auditorium/Theatre Structure?

Firstly, as with all our products, you’ll find that we offer unrivalled durability and quality architecture for your art centre. From our record of fantastic case studies, you’ll see there’s a range of great examples for our auditorium designs such as the Home Theatre in Manchester with 5 cinemas, 4 theatres plus a retractable seating unit. As well as that we have an accomplished history of servicing to ensure a constant smooth running.

Why Choose SIS Global Seating For Your Solutions?

After choosing an auditorium theatre seating system from SIS Global Seating you’ll be treated with dependable world-class service from inception to completion designed to perfectly suit your requirements. With over 25 Years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your seating solution will be manufactured and designed to the highest quality following exacting international standards with careful consideration to detail. Our commitment and mission are to provide optimal project solutions with the best and most attentive service in the industry.

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