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Collaborative Fixed Bench Seating

Collaborative fixed bench seating is built to be adaptable for auditorium and lecture theatre use. Designed to accommodate interactive teaching spaces and collaborative settings, we offer a wide range of standard features plus a number of installation and style options. View our Case Studies to see SIS seating solutions in action!


What is Collaborative Fixed Bench Seating?

In schools and universities across the country, collaborative teaching methods are becoming increasingly popular. This has opened up new possibilities for what seating systems in the education sector can be. 

Thus, collaborative fixed bench seating is a somewhat new chair system that aims to provide a solution that enhances interactive teaching methods. The communal features of Fixed Bench Seating are combined with shared tablespaces to create areas that encourage student group work in your lecture theatre or auditorium. 

Essentially, it is a seating system that’s built specifically to meet the demands of new concepts in education. 


What are the main features and benefits?

Specifically, collaborative fixed bench seating offers the aforementioned benefits of facilitating group work and a variety of teaching methods. They also provide a comfortable and relaxing space for education, offering a flexible capacity option for your lecture theatre or auditorium.

More broadly, as with all our products, you’ll find that we provide unrivalled durability and quality architecture for your education centre. We have a variety of Installation Resources to help you design the ideal fixed bench system. Moreover, our Servicing Options can then ensure that your seating solution maintains a higher quality over a longer lifespan, so you know that you’re in safe hands.

And, of course, you’ll have several design choices when it comes to the following:

  • Custom structure designs
  • Seat layout, capacity, and dimensions
  • Materials, colours, fabrics, and finishes
  • Bespoke optional extras


Why Choose SIS?

With SIS Global Seating, you’ll be treated with dependable world-class service from inception to completion. With over 25 Years of experience, you can be assured that your collaborative fixed bench seating solution will be manufactured and designed to the highest quality. So, you can browse our products above for more information, or Contact Us Here for any help or advice!