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Lecture Theatre Fixed Seating

Innovative fixed seating solutions for learning and training spaces. Ideal for maximising audience capacity in venues such as lecture theatres, sports halls, auditoriums and many other venues.


Why choose fixed seating for lecture theatres?

As the name suggests, this seating system is designed to be locked in place, usually to the floor or tiering, and includes arm and backrests. This design means that, unlike with Fixed Benches, individual seat numbers can be allocated to the system. 

Fixed seating is a highly effective option for large crowds. This is because it has several benefits such as:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved comfort and user space
  • Providing maximised and a safe guest capacity
  • Great audience views


All this means that fixed seating can be a great solution for a variety of sectors. This could be in anything from education seating in lecture theatres to large-scale auditoriums and sports venues among others. You can even View Our Case Studies Here to see this for yourself!


Why Specialists In Seating?

At SIS, we offer an outstanding range of standard features in addition to a number of style and design options. This, combined with our extensive range of bespoke products as seen above, is why we believe that we’re the best choice for supplying a seating solution to your facility.


Moreover, whilst all of our seating systems follow a time-proven concept standard, the final solution is always manufactured to suit each specific project. This covers everything from the unique shape and aesthetic of any given venue, to provide a wide choice in seat fabrics and materials. 


Lastly, we always aim to make the installation of our fixed seating systems as simple as possible, with Resources to help cover everything step by step. And, beyond this, there’s an extensive range of After Sales Services to your mind at ease.

Specialists In Seating welcome client input into the seating solution. To give feedback or to ask any questions on lecture theatre fixed seating, feel free to Contact Us Here.