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Retractable Bench Seats

Retractable seating, also known as telescopic or bleacher seating, is a functional unit of tiered seats, used in many venues for dual purposes. SIS Global Seating is a UK leader in providing retractable systems by both designing and manufacturing units for a range of industries like education, performing arts, as well as sports. Our bespoke compositions create the most space and capacity while aiming for the highest economic solutions for stakeholders.

Retractable Seating is an arrangement that can act as a standard tiered seating for an audience and then folded away to create more floor space in the venue. Retractable structures are perfect for smaller venues, centres with the need for temporary seating or those who require constant adaptability between space use. Our retractable designs can be manufactured with chairs or benches with the choice of upholstered or focus on sports facilities. 


Retractable Seating can be used in:

  • Sports Venues
  • Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Conference Halls
  • Arenas 
  • Theatres
  • Concert Halls

What are the benefits of having a Retractable Seating Structure?

Firstly, as with all our products, you’ll find that we offer unrivalled durability and quality architecture for your place of business. From our record of fantastic case studies, you’ll see there’s a range of great examples for our retractable seating designs such as the BBC at TC1 as well as an excellent history of servicing to ensure constant smooth running. Retractable Designs from SIS Global Seating give you the fluid choice of how you want to use your space at any time. For example, you can choose between pupils at school using the structure for attending a lecture or talk then folding the seating away to make space for a drama or physical education class.

Other benefits of retractable seatings structures include:

  • Maximising Space Saving
  • Adaptability Between Long And Short Performances
  • Greater Flexibility For Your Business
  • Maximising The Number Of Attendees available
  • Tiered Seating Gives Everyone An Optimal View


Why Choose SIS Global Seating For Your Solutions?

After choosing a retractable seating system from SIS Global Seating you’ll be treated with dependable world-class service from inception to completion designed to perfectly suit your requirements. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your seating solution will be designed and manufactured to the highest quality following exacting international standards with careful attention to detail. Our commitment and mission are to provide optimal project solutions with the best and most attentive service in the industry.

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