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Servicing of Retractable Systems

SIS Global Seating designs, manufactures and installs quality and reliable retractable seating and structures. For more than 25 years we have installed many thousands of chairs into Schools, Colleges, Universities and Theatres. However, like other forms of equipment that has moving parts regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted operation of the retractable unit.

This work includes close attention to the moving structure of the system, ensuring smooth movement between retracting tiers. We will also examine the hinging mechanism of the chair’s backrests and lower frame so that the seating unit can effectively close within the retractable tiering envelope.

A thorough examination of all moving parts is undertaken that can highlight any potential concerns before they become major issues. This work is carried out by qualified and experienced engineers who know the internals of our retractable seating units well and have often been involved in the installation of many units throughout the country.

In addition to extending the life of the product, our team can guide and advise you on any regulatory or recommended service and maintenance activities.

As well as an examination of the internal workings of the retractable system’s mechanism, time is also spent on a review of the seating’s upholstery and flooring, looking for areas of excessive wear and tear. Whilst these concerns will not prevent your retractable seating unit from operating, worn upholstery and flooring can make the unit look less than perfect. Our Engineer will bring these issues to your notice and ongoing remedial discussions can ensue.

We would highly recommend an annual service to ensure the permanent efficient running of your retractable system and we can also offer three and five-year service plans.

An annual service is the best way to look after your retractable seating investment and to ensure continual, trouble-free operation. Any servicing work performed on SIS Global Seating's retractable units by non Company personnel would have the effect of invalidating the Company's warranty. 

To book an inspection or talk over any of our service and maintenance plans, please contact our service team on 01288 354512 or email us at servicing@sisglobalseating.com

After all, we are Specialists in Seating!

Reupholstery and Refurbishment

SIS Global Seating’s After Sales care service is renowned for keeping its customers up and running long after the supply and installation of its products. This involves not just the effective running of a retractable unit but also the manufacture and supply of new seat and back upholstery to keep your seating area looking good.

The supply of new upholstery can significantly rejuvenate a seating area at a fraction of the cost of having new seating. A new upholstery colour or pattern can have a significantly refreshing effect on a venue particularly if the seating area takes up a large part of the overall room.

Where seating may have been in use for some time there may uncertainty as to its fire retardancy. All of SIS – Specialists in Seating’s upholstery, in terms of foams and fabrics, are fully fire retardant to the highest standard – BS 5852 Source Ignition 0,1 & 5 (Crib 5).

Naturally, SIS – Specialists in Seating will be pleased to provide new upholstery for our own retractable and fixed seating projects and are able to consider the supply of new upholstery for non SIS products. We will be pleased to visit your site in order to evaluate your requirement.


As part of this service, we are also able to offer the replacement supply of other parts of our seating which can include: wooden under-seat panels, outer backrest panels, lecture theatre shelves and modesty panels, supporting framework, upholstered arms etc…

Additionally, we are able to offer the service of carpet replacement for our own retractable and fixed tier structures. Over time, carpet, and other flooring materials, can start to wear and tear and even become quite dangerous as a trip hazard. SIS uses very hard wearing and durable flooring coverings and would be pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate your replacement flooring needs and make recommendations.

To book an inspection or talk over any of our re-upholstery and refurbishment plans, please contact our service team on 01288 354512 or email us at servicing@sisglobalseating.com

After all, we are Specialists in Seating!

Pre Purchase Assistance and After Sales Support

At SIS Global Seating we fully understand that the purchasing of retractable or fixed auditorium seating is rarely an everyday event. On average a particular venue procures new seating of this type every 15 – 20 years and often longer than that! Much more than your average office chair. Therefore, it is no surprise that some assistance and guidance may be needed in the decision making for new seating or the maintenance of existing seating.

Because of this, we understand that there may be some uncertainty about the nature and function of our types of seats and platform. That is why we are here to help. This is our business and has been for over 25 years. Over those years we have installed many tens of thousands of chairs into all types of venues.

Therefore, we believe, we may well have the knowledge and experience to assist you both in the choice of seating that you may be considering or any points of interest or concern that you may have after your seats have been installed. We are here to help and will do our utmost to provide you with the information and guidance to the best of our abilities.

If you want to talk to us about a project that you are working on or require some post-installation information please contact our service team on 01288 354512 or email us at enquiries@sisglobalseating.com

After all, we are Specialists in Seating!