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Benefits of Great Lecture Hall Seating

13th July 2021

Regardless of whether your venue is small or large, lecture hall chairs and seating solutions could be the ideal choice for you. Our Lecture Theatre Products can provide excellent education seating for facilities such as schools, colleges, or universities. So, here’s why lecture hall seating might be the answer to your needs!

Uses for Lecture Hall Seating

Designed to meet the demands of rigorous daily use, lecture theatre seating needs to be able to accomplish ever-changing goals depending on individual venues. It might need to accommodate different facility sizes or shapes and overcome varying elevation levels, all whilst attempting to maximise capacity, accessibility, and comfort.

It’s their ability to do all of the above which has made them a leader in education seating. Lecture theatres are a vital part of colleges and universities, and these seating solutions help them to create state-of-the-art spaces for learning. 


The Features and Benefits of Lecture Hall Seating

High-quality lecture hall chairs and seating solutions feature several different designs and material choices. From variations on backrest options to the choice between Chairs or Bench Seating, as well as several optional extras, there are many features available so that the structure and design can best suit any venue.

In terms of the benefits of lecture hall seating, the essential ones include:

  • Optimised views for all students to read from boards or screens
  • Flexibility in choice with unique options such as Collaborative Benches or Turn & Learn Chairs
  • Comfort for long performances or classes
  • Space-efficiency: Retractable Lecture Hall Seating is ideal for multi-purpose facilities
  • Easy access when transferring groups for fast audience turnover
  • Robust design for low-maintenance and long-term peace of mind
  • Pleasing arrangement and composition, with various materials, fabrics, and colours available


Why choose SIS?

Specialists In Seating will always offer dependable world-class service from inception to completion, designing your lecture theatre seats to perfectly suit your requirements. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your chair solution will be designed and manufactured to the highest quality. 


We have a Collection of Resources that help to simplify the process of choosing and fitting new seating structures. Meanwhile, the products we have available in this range can be seen below:

  • Fixed Seats – Individual fold-down fixed seating with backrests and armrests
  • Fixed Bench Seating – Designed for a higher capacity whilst maintaining comfort
  • Collaborative Benches – For group learning
  • Turn & Learn – For students to work in groups with those behind or in front of them
  • Retractable Seating – An effective chair solution for a multi-purpose lecture hall
  • Loose Seating – A non-fixed option also known as breakout chairs
  • Auditorium Seating – Similar to our lecture theatre seating products but tailor-made for venues outside of the education sector 

So, for more information, feel free to Contact Us Here, or see our lecture hall seating in action by Browsing Our Case Studies!