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Retractable Seating For Sports Venues

15th June 2021

Innovative Bleacher Seating


Retractable Seating is one of the most popular seating systems that can be offered in venues like sports halls and gymnasiums. Also known as telescopic or bleacher seating, this fold-away design has a number of fantastic benefits for large rooms made for sports whether it be sporting education, regular events or a mixture of uses. Here we'll explore the reasons why you'll need SIS's retractable seating solutions in your sporting venue.


Top Quality Audience Seating

One of the key roles of retractable bleacher seating is the excellent arrangement of tiered seating that offers fans or the audience a perfect view of the arena from any angle. Often sports halls, especially in schools or other educations centres are not built for huge crowds so it's key to maximise the space on offer. Building up towards the walls in a staggered approach is a key way to allow members of the audience to see the action from ground level or in each step moving up. Retractable Bench Seating is one of our preferred products when designing top-quality audience seating for schools, colleges and universities. Indeed, our Sports Benches are perfect as they offer a less formal and rugged but still comfortable and operational seating arrangement.

We also provide a great choice of quality colours for your durable, hard-wearing finishes. See our Upholstered Retractable Benches for the variation on our sports benches.

Greater Flexibility of Space

The real key of retractable seating for sports venues is the system allows you the freedom to use your floor space however you want. For most team sports, you'll switch between training, practice and more competitive games between teams. Here you'll most likely want to maximise the floor space by folding away the seating so your players can run drills outside the defined lines of the court or pitch. When setting up for your important game, however, you can then bring your seating back into play. Now your excellent seating system will allow capacity for fans to cheer the team along.

Why Choose SIS?

With over 25 Years of experience, you can be assured that your seating solution for a sports venue will be manufactured and designed to the highest quality. You can browse our Retractable Seating Products and specifically our Sports Benches for more information or Contact Us Here for any advice!