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What is Collaborative Learning?

18th May 2021

Collaborative learning is growing ever more popular as a teaching method in the education sector. This means that SIS is constantly updating products like our Collaborative Fixed Bench Seating to better facilitate this practice in lecture theatres. But what do we mean when we talk about collaborative learning?

Essentially, collaborative learning is an approach used by teachers and lecturers to drive education through groups and joint-student work. Classes are put into small teams that work together to solve problems, manage tasks, or learn the curriculum. Because collaborative learning involves such a huge social element, new types of fixed seating have been developed to accommodate this in lecture theatres.


What are the pros and cons of Collaborative Learning?


As a relatively new teaching method, many are still trying to get the best from collaborative learning. Some clear advantages of it are:

  • Enhanced problem solving: A dynamic of any group task is to figure out a way around one or multiple problems.
  • Improved communication and critical thinking: These are two areas that a team process in education can strengthen, as co-operation in and interpretation of tasks is crucial.
  • Benefits of peer learning: Students learning from their peers often lets individuals grasp concepts faster than from a lecturer, and can give people a better understanding of each other’s differences.


On the other hand, some drawbacks for certain educational facilities might include:

  • Differences in learning: Students learn at different speeds, thus certain tasks and concepts may actually be hindered by breaking them into collaborative learning. Simply put, teachers need to apply this method wisely depending on the nature of the work.
  • Individual skillsets: Group work should be assisted carefully and a balance can sometimes be difficult. Teachers need to allow for independence but also ensure individuals don’t dominate tasks at other’s expense, social loafing is avoided, and that teams are can be productive together.

Collaborative Learning Seating by SIS

Collaborative Fixed Bench Seating

Collaborative fixed bench seating is a system that aims to enhance the above benefits of interactive teaching and group work. The communal features of Fixed Bench Seating combine with shared tablespaces to encourage student communication and teamwork in lecture theatres and auditoriums. Built specifically to meet the demands of collaborative learning, View this Seating Product Here for more information.

Turn and Learn Seating

An alternative option for collaborative learning is Turn and Learn Seating. This system incorporates individual fixed chairs that swivel in place to let students talk and work together in small groups. This makes it ideal for tasks that require peer learning and a mix of traditional lecturer teaching and student collaboration.

Why Choose SIS?

With over 25 Years of experience, you can be assured that your collaborative learning seating solution will be manufactured and designed to the highest quality. You can browse our Lecture Theatre Fixed Seating Products to see all of our education seating options, or Contact Us Here for any advice!