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What is Fixed Seating

25th August 2021

Fixed seating is our permanent, unmoveable seating solution for venues that includes chairs, benches, or a combination of both. Fixed seating is in contrast to retractable seating, our seating solution that can be folded away for storage or space. Indeed, Fixed seating systems by SIS are a fantastic option to use in venues and businesses. So let’s see why they can be the answer to your seating needs!

Uses for Fixed Seating

At SIS we have various different fixed seating systems that suit a diverse number of venues and centres. We provide bespoke, fixed seating for businesses such as:

These are such fixed seating solutions that are installed in locked locations and attached to tiers or floors. Our fixed structures are very popular structures especially if you don’t plan to change the arrangement of your room or hall. Thus, fixed seating is very popular in theatres, cinemas, places of worship, and educational institutions where the purpose of the venue is less likely to change from the single vision. This is especially true as these venues are tailor-made for viewing purposes and SIS offer customised seating solutions to fit all designs and builds.

The features and benefits of Fixed Seating

High-quality fixed chairs and bench seating solutions feature several different designs and material choices to suit your audience or students. From variations on backrest options to the choice between Chairs or Bench Seating, as well as the option of turn and learn seating. There are many features available so that the design and structure can best suit any venue.

There are many benefits of fixed seating, the essential ones include:

  • Fixed Seating systems are without moving parts so are more durable and longer-lasting than other counterparts.
  • A maximised capacity to accommodate greater numbers of patrons
  • Flexibility with tiering allows a greater line of sight for viewers with each occupant getting the perfect vision.
  • Comfort for long performances or classes
  • Robust design for low-maintenance, easy cleaning and long-term peace of mind
  • Pleasing arrangement and composition, with various materials, fabrics, and colours available
  • Easy access when transferring groups for fast audience turnover

Why Choose SIS?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your chair solution will be designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Specialists In Seating will always offer dependable world-class service from inception to completion, designing your fixed seats to perfectly suit your requirements.


We have a Collection of Resources that help to simplify the process of choosing and fitting new seating structures. Meanwhile, the products we have available in this range can be seen below:


So, for more information, feel free to Contact Us Here, or see our Fixed seating in action by Browsing Our Case Studies!