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Why Comfortable Cinema Seating Matters To Audiences

2nd February 2021

Cinemas have been an essential part of our culture over the past century with fantastic blockbusters and small indies pleasing fans all year round. Despite the restrictions that have hit all businesses, predictions are that the multi-billion pound industry will bounce back. With this in mind, audiences will return to watching new flicks as they come out, often spending 90 mins to 3 hours plus ads and trailers sitting in the auditorium. It’s key that the time cannot be spent in discomfort.

Is Your Cinema Audience Comfortable?

It’s a pertinent question to ask your audience whether their stay at your cinema was a pleasant experience regarding seating. When the audience is not sitting comfortably, it has been shown to lower attention span along with causing neck and back pain. Often we see this induced by aged seating or systems that are in need of refurbishment. Uncomfortable seating directly affects viewer satisfaction and thus seating can influence ticket sales.

Longevity Of Cinema Seating

The longevity of cinema seating applies two-fold, firstly as we mentioned, most patrons of shows are asked to sit for up to 3 hours without regular stretching of the legs. Cinema seating is a comprehensive experience, not just the chair itself but you also take into account norms of film watching like having a cupholder as well as a good amount of legroom to be satisfied for the length of a film. These are key to the cinema-going tradition. Secondly, you’ll want your cinema seating to be of high quality in order to be comfortable for years to come. 

Paying Attention To The Body

The Cinema Audience can be made up of all ages from pensioners watching films from their youth to toddlers entertained by the latest animated film and all in between. This wide range of ages and requirements need a comprehensive cinema experience from their seating. Thus SIS Global Seating designs their structures with health to reduce back and neck ache as well as an ideal sitting arrangement to reduce the stress on the eyes. After all, the significant aspect of going to see a film is watching it! So we cover the basics and more to establish great viewing locations for all attendees. 


Cinema Seating Leaves A Lasting Impression

The key point is that a negative or uncomfortable experience in a cinema will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Loud talkers or someone constantly moving in front of you can’t be wholly helped without ushers watching the audience at all times however you can improve the review of your customers by ensuring your seating is top quality.

Our expertly designed, manufactured and installed Auditorium Fixed Seating is perfect to make your cinema seats as comfortable for your audience as possible. Whether you’re looking to make refurbishments or starting from scratch, SIS Global Seating’s designs are tailored to your specific needs. Contact one of our helpful staff today!