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Why Your Seating Needs Servicing

26th January 2021

Whether you’re the owner of a theatre, cinema, sports venue or running an education centre, you’ll know that your seating is a major aspect of your business. During working hours, the bulk of your patrons, customers, or students will be sitting down concentrating on the task at hand be it watching a show, sports game or taking notes on a lecture. You’ll know that the pandemic has meant a significant drop in attendance as well as closures to businesses. For this reason, now is the time to book a service for your seating.

2021 Will See Businesses Reopen

There has been a lot of doom and gloom in the past 11 months or so but there’s hope that by the end of 2021 we’ll be heading towards some sense of normalcy. This includes the tentative reopening of schools, shops, & entertainment businesses but before full commencement, we’ll still have some time of low activity. During this quiet period before the influx of stakeholders desperate to return, it’s vital to ensure your seating solutions are ready to be used. You don’t want their first impressions of your place of business to be negative post-lockdown due to failings in your seating structures.

The Benefits Of Regular Servicing

Even with the high-quality seating provided by SIS Global Seating which is designed for longevity, all items will see some level of degradation over time. Whether through natural wear and tear or accidental damage it’s important to keep your structures in top condition to protect its durability. Not only do you want to increase the longevity of your seating, but also to maintain excellent levels of comfort. Purchasing a seating structure is a significant investment for any business no matter the size of the product. By servicing your investment regularly it is possible to increase the lifetime of the uni as well as maintaining a high-quality, comfortable feel.

Being Safety Conscious

One of the biggest reasons we advocate regular servicing and especially now before attendances rise again is for safety. Our expertly trained engineers make key efforts to examine your structure for any difficult to find issues that may be overlooked by inexperienced eyes. While faults or problems with seating are fairly uncommon, they do happen and cause very unfortunate incidents. At SIS we are proud to say that we can spot any potential issues long before they arise in order to prevent any number of future mishaps down the line. Only with regular servicing by our technicians can you save significant time, money, and problems down the road with safety as our main concern.


Retractable Seating is one of our most popular products due to its excellent space-saving abilities however with all its moving parts there is more potential for faults to occur. We recommend at least an annual check-up and service on this plus all products.


What Comes After Servicing?

You may find that you’ve had a product for a longer period of time than most so the wear and tear has had a consequential impact on your seating. There may be a decrease in its aesthetic appeal or with particularly older products there may now be uncertainty as to its fire retardancy. Not to worry! We supply new upholstery to rejuvenate or improve the condition of your seating. Additionally, we can refurbish all aspects of your seating structures including the chairs, benches and flooring.


Whether you’re looking to make refurbishments, ready to improve your business before the end of lockdown or considering investing in new seating structures, SIS Global Seating’s designs are tailored to your specific needs. Contact one of our helpful staff today!